Yamaha Pro Audio

Yamaha Pro Audio

Yamaha Pro Audio is the brand of choice for recording and sound systems. Yamaha’s reputation as a top brand in the music industry has been recognized for decades. Yamaha equipment instruments are used by professionals who want the best. Yamaha’s audio equipment is no different. There is no compromise when you are trying to be the best.

Yamaha Pro Audio mixers are just what the doctor ordered for live, studio recording, installation, or any other need. Sound engineers know that they are getting the finest quality and equipment they can master. Yamaha systems come in digital and analog. They make powerful portable systems so that will make live events anywhere, top notch. Even if you are not a pro mixmaster. You can combine your mixer with your PC by getting a computer with a USB connection.

Yamaha speakers will give you top sound whether you are at a full concert or doing a speaking engagement. Yamaha makes a wide range of speakers for all different needs including monitors, PA, studio playback, or music. For studio use, you can purchase a system that is affordable for a home studio or you can also buy a system that will allow a sound engineer to distinguish the entire spectrum of sound in a recording. Yamaha pro audio has you covered, whatever your studio needs.

Yamaha is also recognizable at any concert hall or auditorium as the speaker system of choice. The popular Concert Club Series is now in its fifth generation. If you need portability, Yamaha has powered speakers that combine aural quality with convenient features such as built-in mikes and mike jacks. They also have a great line of fixed speakers that can be mixed and matched to give your club or hall a perfect sound experience.

Along with mixers and speakers, Yamaha Pro Audio Amplifiers are ideal for anyone who is touring or working in a studio. Yamaha manufactures amps and related equipment for a variety of needs. These amps are powerful, efficient, and compatible with instruments and speaker systems. The systems range up to four channels and from two to eight ohms. Amplifier Control Devices will allow you to distribute sound over your network with power.

Make sure that your studio or tour has all the right processing equipment and check out Yamaha’s line of equipment. You can get the most refined effect using a Pro Audio equalizer or digital mix engine. No matter how large your production, Yamaha will help you manage the complexity of your audio.

Whether you are doing an arena concert, or a PTA presentation, no one can afford to have anything but the best audio equipment available. If you want clear sound reproduction or you want to isolate a track on a recording, Yamaha’s design engineers have conquered your problem before you even knew it existed.

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