Yamaha P Series Digital Piano (P-95, P-155) for Home, Studio, or Onstage Performances

Yamaha P Series Digital Piano (P-95, P-155) for Home, Studio, or Onstage Performances

Yamaha P Series (P-95 and P-155) Digital Piano includes a range of models suitable for every need, be it home, studio, or stage. Beginners and experienced players both will like this series if you are not looking for several sounds, built-in styles and all those effects. You can expect good piano sounds and an authentic piano touch on these pianos.

If you are a beginner who wants to get started on a decent piano and don’t mind paying a bit more, then the P series pianos is something that you should consider. The P-95 comes with good sound but a much better keyboard touch. If you are an experienced player and are looking for the best sound and touch, then probably you should have a look at the P-155 piano.

Yamaha P Series pianos are handy stage pianos that come with built-in speaker system. If you have played a lot of professional keyboards, you will observe that this is kind of different from the standard norm in pro keyboards. This is because usually you don’t find speakers in professional keyboards, but then the P Series provides a pair and that too without adding much to the weight.

The Yamaha P Series models cost from around $ 500 to around $ 1000 and include the P-95 piano and the more advanced P-155 piano. The p-95 is a versatile keyboard instrument which can be used for practicing at home. You can even use it to play onstage as part of a band. The Yamaha P-95 digital piano offers honest piano touch with pro quality sounds.

You do have options from Casio Privia and a few other brands, and a few of them do sound good when compared with the P-95 and considering that price range. But when it comes to P-155, the p155 is far better than what Casio has though you end up paying a bit more for the Yamaha..

For musicians looking for an advanced model in the Yamaha P Series digital pianos, the p-155 provides an excellent buy at a cost a few hundred dollars more than the p-95. In terms of the key touch, you get an ultra-expressive GH (Graded Hammer) keyboard.

Both these keyboard instruments use AWM (Advanced Wave Memory) which is a sampling system used to recreate sound as close to that of an acoustic instrument. The P-95 provides 64-note polyphony whereas the P-155 provides 128 note polyphony. All these features packed in a slim design is provided to you as an affordable instrument.

So if you are looking for a portable digital stage piano that scores high on caliber and that’s always ready to play when you are, that has good piano sounds and keyboard feel, you should consider the Yamaha P Series digital piano.

Yamaha P Pianos for Onstage Performances

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