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Here I recorded a short demo as a homage to Yamaha’s EX-Series synthesizer workstations. I use it more than five years for each performance on the stage. EX-7 is my favorite instrument for (not only) syntesizers, el. pianos, organs and guitar sounds.

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  1. be sure i will buy an ex (ex5 in my case. in my country i have the best price ever = 600 euros) cuz i want to have a complete studio set with 4 keyboards (4 keyboards for a period of time cuz when i get more money i will buy synthesizers) and those keyboards are: psr-3000 (or maybe tyros 4), ex5, vl-1 (those 3 are from yamaha) and the clavia nord lead.

  2. Hello, I can make a short song, but to be honest, the EX is not the best for multitimbral use. I also had a PSR-3000 (sold it this year and bought the GEM Genesys PRO S). Yamaha EX and PSR-line (including the PSR-3000) are completely different instruments. If you can find one of EX models for reasonable price, do not wait and buy it!

  3. wouldnt you make a simple song (must not be composed by you) to let me see how a song works out on an ex please? i own a psr-3000 and i can say its just great and i was contemplaining to buy an ex and a vl-1

  4. heythanksbutnothanks

    Yes this has some great sounds, some good electric bass, synth bas and piano sounds are excellent. Unfortunately mines fallen several years ago and I lost a couple of octaves of keys, but it works fine so I still hook it up to one of my other synths just to use the sounds..I will have to get the keys fixed..I love my Roland D50 but this one has really useful sounds on it.

  5. Tyhle ROMplery z koce 90′ měly už dost akustických samplů, ale taky ještě plný analogově znějící sound, co se neztratí v mixu ani na live ani na nahrávce, naopak pokud nemá zpěvák excelentní hlas nebo solový kytarista taky odpovídající plný zvuk, pohltí se v mixu oni proti takovýmto klávesám. Můj osobní poznatek 🙂
    Stejně jako EX5/7 od Yamahy, tak i třeba XP-30 Roland, QS6.1 Alesis nebo Korg Trinity a K2000 (ty ale podle mě excelují víc jako FX, Pads a Poly synt než univerzál na klasiku pop)

  6. thats one of the two keyboards used for making of the soundtracks of NFS 2-3 etc series. if u find only one sountrack of that game you can see that the quality is HUGE for that period. the second one is clavia nord lead

  7. I afraid, it is too late to find it in any store, your only chance is to find one on Ebay. There is now one EX-5 in USA. Good luck!

  8. Help!!!!! I want one of these so badly!!!! Where can I order one of these or stores I could find one?????

  9. Your “Juno” patch was great. I have the EX5 version, and would not sell it for money 😉
    I use the EX5 more than my OASYS……

  10. I want the EX7 so bad because it’s like a late 90s version of the DX hahahaha and I could something like the EX7 so I can bring back that 90s electronic vibe with my tracks. You feel me? lol

  11. they are quite old…but here in romania we need samples for our traditional music…we need cymbalon, accodrion and a lot of other instruments.in my country most of keyboards are arrangers mostly korg pa..in know we use motif and phatnom…i hope you understand my english and i am sorry if i were wrong somewhere:)

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