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Just Arrived! If you are looking for a Big piano but not a Big price this piano may be the answer! If you are familiar with Yamaha’s very elite “S”series then you are aware that they are Yamaha’s very best “Hand Built” grand pianos. Being at the extreme high end of the piano price range they are rarely seen or available on the pre-owned market. Yamaha has 3 models currently in production, the S4 6’4″ the S6 6’11″and the CFIII 9′. Previously offered was the CS or Semi Concert Grand this piano is identical to the CF or Full Concert Grand but only a little shorter at 8’3″rather than 9′. “S” series Yamaha Grand pianos are hand built in a separate facility off the assembly line where the more common and less expensive “C” series are built. They are constructed entirely different only sharing action components and brass hardware. Their cases contain only finest woods including the rim which is made with maple. Maple is an extremely hard and dense wood much better suited for sound projection and sustain. The more common “C” series are built with rims made of mahogany a much softer wood resulting in less resonance and projection. The construction of this piano is a lesson in extreme piano manufacturing resulting in a piano thats built to last several lifetimes without tone degradation. What this piano will give you is the performance of a 9′ in a smaller more manageable package. Rather than go on and on here, research the Yamaha “S”series on Yamaha’s website and you’ll see why
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17 thoughts on “Yamaha CS 8’3″ Concert Grand Piano – Global Sound”

  1. yamaha does not have a personality… It is a piano without a spirit.. Just for the nromal common people… sorry. but that’s my opinion. they sound often the same. not all, but often .

  2. no sorry Yamaha simply isn’t as good as Steinway. I’ve played both and the Steinway had a better sound, Steinway has been making pianos for about 150 years and they specialize in solely making pianos, Yamaha doesn’t. Steinway will always be better.

  3. I agree 100% steinway out strips yamaha so much its actually pathetic. look steinway had been making pianos for like 150 plus years and yamaha hasn’t, not only that steinway specializes in pianos were as yamaha doesn’t, so I think thats gonna make a difference. 

  4. no, I am not fucking retarded. I didn’t intend that comment in a hateful tone, I just wanted to know why? I have a Yamaha concert grand and I love it! I didn’t want a Steinway because I like the brighter tone of a Yamaha. If you like the more mellow tone of a Steinway, go ahead. I don’t care; I know they make probably the best, I just prefer Yamaha. Pardon me.

  5. r u fucking retarded?? why wouldn’t any pianist want a steinway. Steinway & Sons makes the best piano. that statement cannot be justified it’s a fact not an opinion.

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