Yamaha AVENTAGE Series Network AV Receivers Make The Sound Statement for High End Home Entertainment – Global Sound

Global Sound – Buena Park, CA (PRWEB) June 04, 2012

Yamaha has leveraged its technology leadership in musical instruments and concert audio to elevate every performance and design aspect of the latest AVENTAGE series receivers. Yamaha Corporation of America, AV Division, today announced the all-new 2012 models of its industry leading AVENTAGE family of network AV receivers with the 9.2-channel RX-A3020 (150W x 9) and RX-A2020 (140W x 9), as well as the 7.2-channel RX-A1020 (110W x 7), RX-A820 (100W x 7) and RX-A720 (90W x 7) models. The new models are designed to exceed the expectations of discerning audio and video enthusiasts with ear- and eye-pleasing performance. New 2012 features include AirPlay, 4K video pass-through with upscaling, upgrades to the top-rated Apple iOS/Android/Kindle Fire control apps, advanced multi-zone control with Zone 2 HDMI and energy-saving ECO mode.

To raise the bar on the dramatic, enveloping sound customers expect from AVENTAGE, Yamaha engineers once again focused on the most minute details in componentry and construction. We evaluate every design element until we are satisfied that we are integrating only those that deliver the highest possible sound experience, said Tom Sumner, senior vice president, Yamaha Corporation of America. We take exactly the same approach from the system setup and operation standpoints, bringing customers the seamless delivery of music, TV and movie content from virtually any source to any room in the home.

Just one example of the attention to detail designed and built into each AVENTAGE receiver is Yamahas Anti-Resonance Technology (ART). A specially- designed, signature fifth foot at the bottom improves structural rigidity and reduces vibration that can cause distortion and loss of fidelity. Yamaha also incorporates double-bottom frame construction on the RX-A3020, RX-A2020 and RX-A1020 models, further minimizing distortion to provide peak audio performance.

All AVENTAGE models are compatible with the top-rated Yamaha AV Controller Apps for Apple iOS and Android devices, as well as for Amazons Kindle Fire, which offer full system control and access to music stored on smartphones and tablets. Depending on the device (tablet or smartphone), the app is designed to provide a portrait or landscape mode interface for easy visibility and use. Yamaha is the only AV maker to offer control apps with native resolution on all supported tablets and smartphones.

Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad, all AVENTAGE receivers provide the best possible audio reproduction via front panel USB inputs that provide direct digital connections to the popular devices. All connected Apple devices automatically charge for use on the go. In addition, the USB inputs may be used for playing music from portable storage and other compatible devices.

The AVENTAGE AV Experience

The RX-A3020, the flagship model of the AVENTAGE line, features Zone 2 HDMI that enables it to simultaneously deliver content from two independent HDMI AV sources to two separate zones including 5.1-channel audio to the second zone. The RX-A3020 is a 9.2-channel receiver, and can be expanded to 11.2 using a standard two-channel amplifier for maximum system installation flexibility.

The RX-A3020 and RX-A2020 boast the HQV high-class VHD1900 VIDA video processor for peak video performance. The RX-A3020 adds CINEMA DSP HD3 (HD Cubic) that expands the sound field vertically to provide the best surround sound reproduction available in a home entertainment system.

All AVENTAGE series models feature YPAO Reflected Sound Control (RSC) sound optimization, a Yamaha-designed technology built on its years of experience tuning professional sound systems to concert halls throughout the world. The RX-A820 through the RX-A3020 models add multi-point measurement (up to eight locations) to this process to enlarge the listening zones sweet spot. The RX-A2020 and RX-A3020 add DSP Normalization that collects data on a rooms liveness during the calibration process so additional adjustments can be made to optimize sound quality. The RX-A3020 enhances this even further with angle measurement that triangulates the positioning of each speaker in the system to compensate for non-symmetrical placement. In addition, the RX-A3020 and RX-A2020 feature a newly designed YPAO microphone that more accurately measures speakers placed at different heights.