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The new handcrafted Yamaha A-Series guitars feature many firsts for Yamaha acoustic-electric guitars, and deliver an outstanding look, balanced tone, and a comfortable feel.
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3 thoughts on “Yamaha A Series Acoustic Electric Guitars – Global Sound”

  1. designed from the GOUND up, 1:17
    still thinking about getting one. they have good playability thanks to the low action

  2. Thank you for your comments. I don’t think you need to worry about the frets. In my 37 years of selling Yamaha guitars, I’ve never seen one with premature fret ware. Whether it sold for $200 or $2000, I haven’t seen a problem. Thanks again.

  3. Played one of these a few months ago and I was really impressed with the sound and the beauty of the instrument – ought to cost $2000. Sounded better than the Taylor 314ce I played there – for half the price. My only concern was the frets look really small like they might wear out prematurely.

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