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Wireless Headphone, Sonos Multi-Room Music System

“Sonos multi-room music system” is for the music enthusiast. The Sono company has had a passion for music. This 180-person American manufacturer takes part in the global community with retailers in more than 60 countries. It has developed devices for letting music travel through the whole house. Using the wireless headphones, a person can enjoy great music as they move from room to room without disturbing others. The wireless headphones are terrific for those individual moments of musical enjoyment.

The comfort of the music in your home is improved with a wireless headphone set. This headset is adjustable to ensure a great fit. The compact headset is foldable for easy storage. You are also able to move from room to room because the components are able to work without direct line communication. The headset includes a rechargeable battery. All of these features ensure hours of music enjoyment.

With this sound system, it is possible to play different music in separate rooms of the house. As you move about the house with the headphones the music travels with you. A touch of the remote control can change the music to match or improve the mood of the room. You might enjoy upbeat dance music in the cooking area, lighthearted for the laundry room and classical for the 3-season room. All of these are available simultaneously. The patented technology sets Sono apart from other audio companies.

This headset works with Bluetooth mobile phone, MP3, and iPod technologies. All of this functions without cords. You can even answer incoming phone calls with the Bluetooth system without interrupting the music! The software to support these systems is available for PC and Mac computers. The “Sonos Multi-room music system” can take music from the Internet or computer media library. You will find the “Wireless Headset” freeing and satisfying.

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