Which DJ Equipment is Best For Mixing and Scratching?

Which DJ Equipment is Best For Mixing and Scratching?

Knowing what DJ equipment to buy for mixing and scratching is a pretty general question. Just about all pro DJ gear is built for mixing and scratching but not all DJ equipment is made equal.

So let’s look at mixers. There are three types of mixers that I would recommend:

First, Pioneer has two excellent mixers, the Pioneer DJM 909 and the Pioneeer DJM 600. Let’s take a closer look at the DJM909 and 600, because both have different applications.

The 909 is geared towards battle DJ’s (turntablists) but a mixer is a mixer when it comes down to it. The 600 is probably what you are looking for if mixing is your primary concern. So you can also use it as a club mixer also.

Second, and in my opinion another good mixer is the Denon DNX 1500.

From a design point of view it makes sense for me. The knobs and buttons are right where I would want them.

When I examine a mixer the first thing I take note of is the look and feel. I ask my self “does this layout make sense for how I mix?” If it does then I test the sucker out.

So that’s what I did at my local pro shop.

The effects sound great and you have enough inputs that you won’t use all of them at once. The faders were smooth and the mix was clean. I played with it for about 5 minutes because I couldn’t stay long. I wanted to test the Pioneer DJM600 while I was there too but I just popped into the store since I was in the area.

Thirdly, I like Vestax the best because they’ve been making mixers for over 30 years here in the US market and they’ve pretty much perfected it. You really can’t go wrong with the PMC007 or the PMC05 Pro SL.

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