Video 2, FX on the DJM-600, The Delay. – Global Sound

Global Sound – A look at the delay fx on a dj mixer.
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DJREN in the mix
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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18 thoughts on “Video 2, FX on the DJM-600, The Delay. – Global Sound”

  1. i need a bit of help…i dont no what to get first.the djm 600 or the cdj’s 400 i got a good enough mixer now its just after watching this im in to minds….

  2. Umm i say same thing as Methodmanxx said.
    And i say allso, OI, i love u Jonathan!
    UR THE BEST! :’))

  3. latexeio, you cant even fucking talk properly!!! dunno how you dare try telling someone there a shit DJ. jog on and come back when you know how to turn a CDJ on

  4. I think Pioneer should hire you … 🙂 u really are smart and know how to make people understand

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