VI6 – Global Sound

Global Sound –

mixing monitors with Soundcraft VI6 USING: 64channels 22outputs

Soundcraft Si Compact - NAB 2010

Low-cost digital console

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19 thoughts on “VI6 – Global Sound”

  1. This is the same board that Flyleaf uses…just sayin lol. I talked with the sound engineer about it…he said they were RENTING it for about 75K haha

  2. That is an awesome desk, I had a lot of fun with one of them, I have not used a VI 6 yet. hoping to change that oneday…..

  3. yeah that would explain it, nothing worse than whole bunch of pissed of punters who cannot  hear anything. What did they use for Foh.

  4. I have a console if compared 32 and I start I must do and the formatie actulize and went back to mount the old sofwal not rip me I should do

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