VENDO MIXER PIONEER DJM 800 – 01 – Global Sound

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repair headphone input and switch on/off EFX in DJM 800 Mixer

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10 thoughts on “VENDO MIXER PIONEER DJM 800 – 01 – Global Sound”

  1. Hi , I recently purchased DJM 500, I noticed something strange about him after 15 minutes is more powerful bass without moving anything. is problematic?

  2. @koncial How did you find the whole process? Is it dodgy? have a faulty screen on mine but having heard off others with similiar problems and circumstances and it was only a cold solder connection that needed resoldering on pin number 1 underneath the screen. very tempted to try fix it myself, what do u tink?

  3. Thanks for sharing all your work! Where did you buy these parts from?

    By the way, I love the Armin in the background XD

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