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Vacation Rental Owner – Smart Landlord Tips For Promoting Through Business to Business Marketing

We all need support systems in our lives; a set of people who understand our position and can relate to us and advise us based on their own experiences. A smart vacation rental owner utilizes several different B2B marketing strategies as a way to grow a customer referral base and a support system of other professionals in the field.

Public speaking

Offering your expertise as a vacation rental owner through public speaking and seminars is an excellent way to meet other owners in the area. Do not think of these people as your competition. Your property (or product) does not offer the same “personality” as another owner’s properties. Still, building relationships with owners who share your business ideals and practices will provide a new avenue of customers to both owners when one or the other is fully booked.

Public speaking to potential customers about renting a vacation rental home and the advantages over hotels is not only smart marketing, but increases your credibility and your self-confidence. By forcing yourself to learn more about the industry, you add to your professionalism by being a prepared vacation rental owner able to answer any question a prospective customer might throw your way.

Networking through professional groups

Research professional groups in your area to meet like-minded business people such as the local Chamber of Commerce, which exposes your business to a whole new level of professionals who have at least two things in common with you: knowledge of the benefits of networking and a desire to build lasting relationships.

Business people from all industries and trades can help you grow either by becoming a customer themselves and renting your property, or working out a barter arrangement. For example, you meet a successful builder/contractor who would like to get away with his family but can’t seem to stop scheduling jobs long enough to plan the trip. Perhaps he could schedule your property for a couple of weeks of miscellaneous work per year, and he – and his family – stays at the property those two weeks, completing the work with materials you supply.

You have repairs and upgrades done to your property for the cost of materials only, and he gets two weeks at a vacation rental property a year for him and his family, basically for free!


The rewards of being both a mentor and being mentored are immeasurable. A seasoned and knowledgeable veteran of the industry who has achieved the level you aspire to can teach important  ways to avoid and deal with the real hard-knock lessons of the business, such as hooking up with fraud scams or a spring break frat party. Mentors can also pass on to a new vacation rental owner the “tried and true” marketing strategies and advertising secrets for the area.

As our world grows smaller through advancing mediums of communication, global business to business interaction provides a whole new realm of partnership and knowledge. Networking, mentorship and leading seminars (including online “webinars”) teaches even the long-time vacation rental owner new aspects of the industry. And success is dependent on good relationships, especially when found in a professional group of like-minded individuals dedicated to building a safe and sound business community for all.

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