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Urei Soundcraft 1603 mixer. Great piece of hardware!

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3 thoughts on “Urei Soundcraft 1603 mixer – Global Sound”

  1. Thats Harman for you 😉 Pro Audio’s biggest wankers. They have ruined every good brand out there and they own pretty much all the pro-audio market. Look how they raped the Urei name! Urei made some of the best studio shit out there that is used to this day, the 1620 isn’t that well known in real life. What Harman did was re-release the 1620 to build hype then push cheap consumer soundcraft DJ mixers and people fell for the name ;-) shame…Real Urei still exists as Universal Audio

  2. i had one for very short period and when i pressed some cue buttons they wont come back up and the bass eq knobs were makin like ”ssscchchhchcrrrhhchchr” sounds when i was playin with it

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