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Unboxing of DBX 266XL Compressor

Unboxing my DBX 266XL Compressor. I purchased this at BSWUSA.com great product!

Diamond Black Exteriors also know as DBX, specializes in vehicle wraps. While offering a myriad of services, we master the acclaimed “matte wraps”. We are dedicated, experienced, quality-minded, and friendly. We have devoted ourselves to give our customers the finest in quality workmanship, reasonable prices, quick turn-around, and guaranteed satisfaction. For more information please visit www.DiamondBlackExteriors.com Like us on Facebook www.facebook.com Follow us on Twitter twitter.com
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28 thoughts on “Unboxing of DBX 266XL Compressor – Global Sound”

  1. could you use this on a guitar amp through the effects loop? I was wondering if the compressor and gate would work in that way.

  2. Essentially, yes. They’re both compressors. However the Behringer is dull/unexciting whereas the dbx is more coloured. Both about the same price.

  3. That looks like one sweet unit… thanks for explaining what the compressor does. I need to add one to my audio setup.

  4. if your gonna black the car n wheels out might as well do the headlights n taillights too…jus my opinion…atleast thats what im doin to my G37

  5. You realize that this is kinda stupid right? I imagine that you guys charge upwards of $3,000, when you can get better results for $200 from plasti dip. Same concept, better execution. With plasti dip, you can incorporate designs just by masking, and if you fuck up, you don’t have to order more material. I just don’t see the point of this.

  6. oh true well that’s a positive thing for scratches then. As good as this looks i don’t think i’ve ever get my g35 wrapped i would be constantly worrying about scratching it, even though i am careful.

  7. Not sure if vinyl can really get scratched like paint does, since it’s a polymer film. Rock chips would be annoying, though the best way to avoid those is simply not driving close behind people.

  8. I would assume the installation is done in an arid and dust-free environment to prevent moisture and dust particles being trapped under the vinyl.

  9. this would be a nightmare for scratches and stone chips everything will stand out so much.
    still, it looks amazing

  10. What is the purpose of covering your car with a sheet of vinyl that is sticky on the one side? Won’t it destroy the paint underneath when you peel it off?

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