TWO STEPS FROM HELL Wrath of Sea (Extended G1 Cut) – Global Sound

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My my extended verion of TWO STEPS FROM HELL´s Wrath of Sea! Hope you like it! I DO EX-CUTS ON REQUEST!!! So write me. I do NOT own the copyrights to this song!

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14 thoughts on “TWO STEPS FROM HELL Wrath of Sea (Extended G1 Cut) – Global Sound”


    there is one ex-cut of two steps from hell´s “racketeers” that i´ve done which is not released on youtube.

    they keep deleting it due to copyright infrigement.

  2. Fair enough I think every musician wouldn’t mind when others remix its actually pretty cool hearing your song remixed. NIce talk dude.

  3. Yea that’s a good point about the publisher. I was hoping and thinking it wouldn’t be the actual musicians, they make such good music . As to your thing about someone else making money. Like…If someone really was using my song to make cash I wouldn’t like it. However I wouldn’t mind people remixing/extending my music and sharing it.

  4. just thinking out loud. look at it this way. its your song you put it out there and don’t really care about the money, but then someone else uses it and makes money from it ( ie, sponsors, advertisement, etc). I would like a piece of the pie. but again to each there own you know.

  5. I suppose but you know you need money to get around in this world unfortunately. Its the publisher thats probably taking down the vids cause after the commission based work, the publisher usually owns the song, as far as i know anyway.

  6. Lolz I like that 😛 the ‘I may sound like an idiot but you look like a dumbass’ thing. 😛 Anyway though, I dunno it seems greedy. I mean this dude just wants to mess around with some of the songs and share them. He isn’t doing anything malicious, and they are deleting his vids for what? A few bucks of royalties? Just seems greedy imo.

  7. OK Your right, they work off of commission based works ( Commission Music). But i just meant in general , if you write a song, and copyright it, and put it out there for some artist to use it and then don’t get paid the royalties that you deserve. I think you would and in most cases anyone would want to get paid. I may sound like and idiot but you look like a dumbass. j/k man.

  8. They make most of their money doing the music for movies and such…They lose no money from this, especially as the creator didn’t add a download link or anything like that. You sound like a bit of an idiot.

  9. Can you extend “We Are One” from Disney’s The Lion King 2, with both the instrumental version (plays at credits of movie) and the vocal version with Matthew Broderick included?

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