Tips in Adding Background Music to Your Website

Tips in Adding Background Music to Your Website

Adding background music to your website is indeed cool and appealing. It does not only attract website visitors, but also gives it a personal touch which sets it apart from your competitors. However, with the advantages that it gives, many website owners also follow this trend making yours no different from the rest. Moreover, it does not also give you a hundred percent assurance that it will appeal to the taste of your visitors, especially to your target market. It does not also give you the same assurance that you’ll actually profit from it. Sure, a website that has background music is attractive, but it also has some drawbacks.

It consumes space and slows down the loading of web pages. If this is so, then it is highly probable that visitors will navigate away from your site. Take note that people nowadays don’t have time and hate to wait. Another thing is, not all visitors will like your music. In fact, some may find it irritating thus making their visit unpleasant. In other words, adding background music will give you the advantages and disadvantages at the same time. It’s not enough that you just add anything there. So to make yours both different and successful, you have to carefully weight all the pros and cons.

And if you do decide to add one to your website, make sure that the scale will tilt on your side. To do this, you must add the right kind of background music. So how are you going to add the right kind? Firstly, know thyself. This means that you have to closely examine the nature of your business. Questions like what kind of business are you engaged in; what kind of products or services do you sell; who are your target customers; and so on must be answered with certainty. For example, you are engaged in selling cosmetic products specially made for teens.

So the nature of your business is selling cosmetic products; your products are cosmetics; and your target customers are female teenagers. With these facts in hand, you now know what kind of background music to add that will appeal to their senses. Of course, teens love modern music. Even if you love songs from the 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, you should not add them because surely most teens don’t like them. Also, since your target market are not just teens in general but are females, then carefully choose the background music that most female teens love. You can do this by conducting research.

Know what songs make it to the top of the chart. You may also visit forum sites exclusively for teens and find what’s in and what’s not. Secondly, always see to it that the file size of the songs you add is not too big. This will make the loading of pages slow and difficult. Because as pointed out earlier, people hate to wait. Thirdly, be sure that the music you’re using is free-one that you can use without having to worry for law suits because of copyright infringement. Law suits are costly both on your pocket and on your time.

Lastly, don’t also forget to update your background music from time to time because everything changes. What is hot today may no longer be hot tomorrow. It is also nice for frequent website visitors to hear something new. With these things in mind, adding background music to your website will indeed be cool and appealing to your visitors. It will make them coming back to you and eventually buy what you’re selling. It will also give a personal touch to your web site which will set it apart from your competitors.

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