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Tiesto @ Prešov – Laser Sound Lights Video Stage by MINISTRY Rental Service (Full HD) more info: www.ministry.sk contact: rudolftucek@ministry.sk
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Michael Winslow - Driving a rental truck

From his dvd Michael Winslow Live! www.amazon.com
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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34 thoughts on “Tiesto Prešov 2010 Laser Show by MINISTRY Rental Service – Global Sound”

  1. Fuck me-it’s like Thriller for the raveless generation.
    They must have all been on Facebook on their fuckijn i-phones,what a waste of a good laser show.
    We had drugs back in 91 but no one was a soulless moron.What’s gone wrong?

  2. you’d probably run to the top of the club’s roof,then you’d tell yourself you can fly,and then throw yourself off the roof,end of trip,end of clubbing,end of life.is acid THAT good,m8?

  3. Same here,i’m only 14, but I DO have one question… WHY ISN’T ANYONE MOVING?
    Unless It’s like 3 in the morning

  4. Anyone else remembering Cesar Vialpando from GTA San Andreas when hearing the hitchhikers voice?

  5. Metalica uses fucking instuments and electrical guitars and shit and michael do it better than them with just an mic and hes mouth o.o why can’t i do that?… i need to practise… i want to do that…

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