The Strongest on One Piece Music

A few nice music images I found:

The Strongest on One Piece Music
Image by Nomadic Lass
December Diary 2011 – 18:31

Dear Friends ~ Triplane

Zoro: So…why am I here?

NL: You’re here to talk about all the great music in your anime series One Piece. Jeero helped me tell all our friends about the music in Japanese anime earlier this month.

Zoro: Yeah, well, all the music is pretty epic…it has to be to be at the level of all my incredible adventures.

NL: Uh, right. Well, we could start with Dear Friends. Afterall, One Piece is all about friendship.

Zoro: You would fall for the sappy crap. Wait, didn’t you cry when that was played???

NL: In my defense, it was during a funeral…

Zoro: Whatever. How about something exciting like The Strongest – which I am by the way – or Luffy’s Fierce Attack?? Yeah, that’s more my style.

NL: How about some Christmas music?

Zoro: How about not.

NL: Ah, c’mon…it’s Christmastime, you scrooge. Utae! Jingle Bells is rather catchy, with the entire crew singing – yes even you Zoro, I heard you – and Chopper’s Twinkle Twinkle is just about the cutest, most adorable song I’ve ever heard!!

Zoro: We’re pirates! We don’t know the meaning of the word cute!! Adorable is not in our vocabulary!! I need some rum…

This is Your Brain on Music
Image by brewbooks
I have always found something interesting while browsing at Munro’s Books in Victoria, British Columbia

This is Your Brain on Music by Daniel J. Levitin I almost bought
(28 Sep 2008 – I think I will get this – which I did and set to my nephew via Amazon)

and I believe I bought Glenn Gould Extasis

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