The Shure KSM44 Microphone Reviewed – Everything You Need To Learn About The KSM44!

The Shure KSM44 Microphone Reviewed – Everything You Need To Learn About The KSM44!

The Shure KSM44 studio microphone is another product of Shure, a company renowned for their equipment such as wireless microphones, transmitters, receivers and other professional vocal recording devices. If you’re considering making professional recordings in the future, here are some things that you should keep in mind about the Shure KSM44.

This mic undoubtedly records high quality vocals, making it sound like it was professionally recorded. Whether you’re just recording in your bedroom, or have your own studio, the sound quality won’t deteriorate at all. When you record, your voice will sound full and clear, as well as natural. You won’t sound too shrill or too deep at all.

And if you like to record acoustic music, there’s even better news. You’ll find that the Shure KSM44 microphone also records other sounds well, most notably the acoustic guitar. If you want to record yourself singing and playing your guitar, the instrument will sound deep and rich and not shrill. The result of your recording sessions will be high quality, professional sounding songs.

The microphone is really durable as well. People who have used the product state that although they have mistakenly dropped this microphone several times on the floor, its quality has not diminished. It’s a great investment, and you won’t have to worry at all about whether your microphone will last you.

Another reason why the Shure KSM44 is such a good investment is that it provides you with a lot of flexibility. There are three distinct polar patterns from which to choose. You can choose from having a recording done with ambient sound or one sounding as it were recorded in a studio. This means you’ll feel like you’ve got three different microphones in one.

However, this particular microphone Shure is not recommended for use in overly bright sound sources. There is a tendency for the recording to sound too shrill or too unnatural.

You’ll have the ability to try different settings and see how they work with your recordings due to the many special features you’ll be getting with this microphone.

This proves that you don’t have to splurge almost $ 3,000 on a Neumann U87 to have a good quality recording. You’ll achieve the exact same results with the Shure KSM44 and won’t break the bank in the process.

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