The new Bose Panaray MA12EX Modular Line Array speaker

Clear talk and music reproduction over the entire frequency range – for indoor and outdoor

Bose MA 12 Panaray

Bose expands the Panaray ® MA12 loudspeaker family with the new Panaray ® MA12EX Modular Line Array speaker. This provides engineers and suppliers of sound systems now an even wider range of solutions for acoustically demanding situations, both indoors and outdoors are available. The speaker provides a clear and intelligible voice reproduction and natural sound without additional bass boost.

In the new Panaray Speaker MA12EX work twelve weatherproof 2.25 “high-excursion drivers that have an accurate music reproduction over an extended frequency range. For the first time in a MA12 speaker Bose ® Articulated Array Loudspeaker Technology is used, which ensures that each driver is accurately aligned, and so even at higher frequencies a broad, balanced sound for every listener is created – in the front as well like in the back rows, and even next to the stage.

With its elegant and very sleek design, the speaker fits seamlessly into almost any architecture. And thanks to its weatherproof housing, it is for a variety of applications suited – both indoors and outdoors, in churches, parks, auditoriums, railway stations and airports, patios, shopping centers, restaurants, conference facilities, sports stadiums and multi-purpose buildings.