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DJ Davey Dave demos the effects section.

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22 thoughts on “The DJM-800 Effects Section – Global Sound”

  1. the 92 has a 4 band EQ & some apparently nice filter effects from wat i’ve heard. but the pioneer djm800 is the only mixer in the world with a harmonic effect.

  2. The best way is a 92 with two 1D’s … the 4D is great, but the mixer section is too tight… and it doesn’t have 4 eq bands as the 92 has….

  3. can anyone tell me why some cdjs have blue plays, like the lights on the outside. Mine have green lights but I dont understand why some guys have them blue

  4. xone 4d is even better, it is like a 92 but with 2 1d’s in it to control midi, I agree that xone 92 is better than the djm 800

  5. The Xone: 92 from Allen & Heath s SUCH A BETTER mixer than this…. pioneer 800 is a great mixer, but the xone 92 is the daddy in the daddy in sound quality, and the LFO filter is soooo amazing…. (richie hawtin, john digweed, ricardo villalobos, loco dice, etc… use xone 92…)

  6. had a shot of this badboy the other night
    what a bit of gear man

    fucking djx700 i have lol
    heard better efects come out my arse

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