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Shure has entered the world of computer recording with the PG27 and PG42 USB microphones. Shure Training Manager Gino Sigismondi demonstrates these microphones, and also explains the X2u microphone USB adapter. More info at: www.sweetwater.com www.sweetwater.com www.sweetwater.com
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This is a video clip of me laying down the drum track to one of my ideas. The drums are recorded with two mics, one above me which you cant see and one on the kick. These are very inexpensive mics and I’m in a terrible sounding little room. But whatever works I guess. I was going for a Beatles sound on the drums with heavy but musical compression. As far as the song and performance I believe in the virtue of simplicity. I’m not a video editor so yes the sound is a little off but try to enjoy anyway. Thanks for watching!

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  1. What is it like for sibilance? I purchased an AT2020 and returned it, due to it being way too sibilant foe my voice!

  2. From 1.01 in recording we can see the man not Mic, three color LED where? Headphone jack, I can see this guy Head only.
    Come on you people techo, beofore uploading video please check, I like your website this my first visit to your youtube video.

  3. existenceisrelative

    No no no no no no no, you’ve got it backwards. Good things happen BECAUSE of their flaws, not in spite of them.

  4. I keep coming back to this vid, I just love the vibe. Do you have this whole jam available somewhere? Soooooo cool.

  5. very good, im trying to sound as good as this in a shitty little room with a computer and some toys

  6. Don’t down yourself brother. some lyrics, a catchy name, and a leather jacket, the musics smooth

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