study music — relaxing background music — relaxdaily N°027

A ten minute instrumental tested and approved as music for studying, reading, or doing creative mental work. It should also work quite well for meditation and yoga like exersises because of its peaceful and positive nature. This piece begins as peaceful as Beethoven’s Moodlight Sonata but…
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25 thoughts on “study music — relaxing background music — relaxdaily N°027”

  1. I put this as background music for part of my English GCSE speaking and listening and i passed with an ‘A’ because of this beautiful sound, thankyou! x

  2. THIS IS AWESOME!!!!!!!! Im 11 and homeschooled its hard to have my sisters being loud and i cant listen to pop upbeat music because i cant focuse but i can with this thanks!!!!

  3. This music is so relaxing and beautiful. I have a very loud family and putting on my headphones to listen to this helps me zone them out and able to focus on my homework.

  4. This music is so good for reading and studying! The best of the best! I couldn’t find any other good relaxation music, but when I found this I knew it was perfect! Thank you!

  5. AmTraxProduc tions

    This is GOOD!! My first composition also helps you to relax and study, check it out 🙂

  6. I couldn’t find one, but you can check out his website if you google ‘tycho’. Also, his record label is called “ghostly international”, and i’m pretty sure they have their own channel. Good luck out there brother, in whatever you do.

  7. Wow, thanks! I just listened to the first track “A Walk” on the Dive album. Beautiful!!
    …honestly: this inspires me.
    …does this guy has a YT channel? I’d instantly link to it.

  8. Everyone who is into this stuff, you should all get Tycho’s ‘Dive’ album (not to take listeners away from this). It has changed my life, studying is bliss now and my concentration has gone up tenfold.

    This is also pretty amazing, thanks for the upload

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