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If you have ever tried to record a band on a limited budget with poor results, take a look at this video. Here is an example of recording a group with a stereo mic setup. This is how some of the great recordings were done in the 50’s and 60’s. Why not use those techniques now? Listen to Ben Harris from show you how he made this great sounding recording with a band, a room, and two microphones.
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There are lots of fakes out there in the world of audio gear. Don’t get scammed. Here’s a How to guide on Shure mics.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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27 thoughts on “Stereo Recording of a Band with Shure KSM32 Microphones – Global Sound”

  1. Yes, the mix is in the placement of players. If your placement is limited then I would multitrack it maybe along with the stereo mics so you can mix in the elements that aren’t loud enough in the stereo mics.

  2. This is a wonderful video, thank you so much for posting. I want to ask you. The way you position your players, meaning the distance of each player versus the mics is the major key on the quality, balance wise?, also considering the post-pro work of course, but I mean the engineering is setting up the way the band is going to be positioned. Assuming this, if you can’t control the layout meaning you have limited space (a bar) and you have vocals, what would be your approach? Thanks!

  3. With all do respect, there is no such thing as negative proximity effect. The amount of bass can be subjective, but according to my experience and references played on my system, the frequencies are well balanced and there is plenty of nice controlled bass.

    Proximity effect is nicely explained all over the web. Understand it and you’ll see that “negative proximity effect” is physically impossible. The absence of proximity effect is a flatter frequency response, but no attenuation

  4. Nice! but didn’t you want to add some bass to correct for negative proximity effect? maybe it’s just me, but I would like some more bass. But other than that it sounds awesome!

  5. People forget the beauty of this less complicated simple option for recording an ensemble. It’s more raw, realistic, simpler and cheaper. The funny thing is that the result for this group was ten times better than their expensive multi-track project with an inexperienced engineer a year earlier.

  6. Great video. I am a huge fan of the natural recording techniques of the late 50’s and 60’s.

  7. i bought a brand new shure wireless from an authorized dealer and everything seems fine except for the fact that it has on the capsule reading don’t attempt to open or else it will void the warranty. Is it possible for it to be a legit shure mic but also have that on it as well??..

  8. I would be kicking someone in the mouth right about now. lol. sorry about that. Did you have trouble returning it?

  9. all sellers that are allowed to sell shure sm’s can ONLY sell them new from 98 bucks up. If its sounds too good to be true. its not true. Dont do it.

  10. Liked the video, just bought 2 SM58 on ebay for a good price. They were used though so I hope the good price was due to lack of needing them from the seller and not because they are fake but this video well informed me what to look for and I appreciate it.

  11. In this video, you mention that the wires are always green and yellow connected to the xlr socket. I have both a fake and a genuine beta58a, the real one has red and blue inside the shell connected to the xlr socket.

  12. I’m holding a counterfeit right now that has the shure logo embossed on the xlr input. I think the best thing to do it open up the mic, and to check the weight. The one I was sold has differently colored wiring, and has tons of glue in it.

  13. I’ve made a blog called “5 Steps to Spotting Fake Shure SM58” please check it out at fakesm58.wordpress. com. Thanks! And this is not spam! I’m a victim of fake sm58 microphones myself and decided to make a guide complete with picture comparisons between fake and real sm58. Please thumbs up so everyone can see this. Thank you.

  14. When I open the part were the wires are I see black yellow and green. But the treads arnt silver? I bought this mic from shire and that’s what I got. Everything else is so far real besides the silver part where the wiring is

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