St Bridget and the Jewels in Her Crown

St Bridget and the Jewels in Her Crown

New Age enthusiasts speak of the power of the mineral kingdom. The “energy” in crystals can help to amplify a person’s life force.

Quartz crystals have a peizo – electric quality. This means that when they come in contact with another “electrical” component, (like a radio wave in a crystal radio) it creates a spark of electricity. When you place or wear a crystal on your body, the life force or “chi” moves.

The mineral kingdom is alive like all kingdoms of earth. The hardest part of the material plane is the stones and our bones. Our bones hold the memory of our past lives. The densest part of our physical bodies reconfigure and help to create our reincarnated new forms. Cases of reincarnated souls often resemble who they were in the past. Currently the woman claiming to be Marilyn Monroe does look like her. David Wilcock (The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?) walked into the headquarters of ARE in Virginia Beach. The people there were astounded to see that he looked like a young Edgar Cayce. The rocks, stones and our bones are the record keepers of earth.

The current disbelief in common culture that the mineral kingdom is alive can be challenged by the vision of St. Agnes in the 1300’s. She told St. Bridget of the seven jewels in her crown. Each one of us has a spiritual crown of jewels earned from the lessons we have learned. We also have a “breastplate” with gems of protection.

St. Agnes. “What is the crown…if not the trial of patience which is forged by sorrows and by God adorned with jewels.” The first jewel was jasper. “Jasper sharpens sight, and brings joy to the soul. It enlightens the understanding of spiritual things and purifies the soul from unsettled inclinations.”

The second stone was sapphire. “Sapphire is the color of heaven. It keeps the limbs healthy. The evil of men tries the righteous so that he desires heavenly things and keeps the limbs of the soul from becoming proud.”

The third stone was the emerald. “The emerald by nature is brittle but beautiful and green in color. It still makes the soul beautiful because it is the reward of patience.”

The fourth stone is the pearl. “It is white and beautiful and allays the torment of the heart, so the sorrows of love lead God into the soul and restrain the passions of anger and impatience.”

The fifth stone is topaz. “Topaz is the color of gold and preserves chastity and beauty.”

The sixth stone is a diamond. “It was placed in thy crown by him who caused thee bodily hurt, which thou patiently suffered for thou didst not wish to bring shame upon him who injured thee. As the diamond cannot be crushed by a hammer, it pleases God that man for his sake ignores injuries to his body and thinks of what God has done for mankind.”

The seventh stone is a carbuncle. “He who is patient in the loss of something dearly beloved awakens God to love and shines and enchants in the eyes of the Saints.”

I had a physic reading many years ago. The reader said to me. “You have many jewels in your crown but they are cloudy.” A few years later in a dream my Grandmother took me to a very old little house. She brought me into a bedroom which had a beautiful hand carved dark wooden headboard. She started to dig out a heart shaped ruby and a shinning diamond from the headboard. “You will need these.” she told me.

The stones and precious gems all bring us a medicine. Not only are they beautiful to the eye but come as a gift to remind us of the potential we all have in becoming a perfect jewel in the thousand petaled lotus.

All quotes are by St.Agnes from “Saint Bridget of Sweden” by Aron Andersson.

©2009 Merry C. Battles

Merry C. Battles has worked in the healing arts since 1977. She has practiced the art of massage, Jin Shin Jyutsu (an ancient form of Japanese Acupressure), CranioSacral Therapy, Reiki, and foot reflexology. Merry is the author and illustrator of Christmas Meditations on the Twelve Holy Days December 26-January 6 Merry’s book is a compilation of her 26 year meditation journey with the twelve holy days. Her book can be used all year as we travel through each sign of the Zodiac.

Merry has been a student of the ancient mysteries for as many years. Her greatest joy in life, along with her grandchildren, is to learn about the spiritual. This is reflected in all of her work.

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