Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console on tour with The Feeling – Global Sound

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A short documentary on how the Soundcraft Vi6 digital console supported The Feeling’s tour in 2008, with comments from the sound engineers and members of the band.
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An overview of the mixing surface of the Soundcraft Si Series digital console
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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7 thoughts on “Soundcraft Vi6 Digital Console on tour with The Feeling – Global Sound”

  1. there was some problems with internal components and thats why it crashed so many times. and i didn’t use it back then. /watch?v=5-to5DtY9DU&feature=related <--- its that exactly same console. thats my good friend markus using it. and the festival is "Maatanakyvissa"

  2. wow that is a bummer dude. Do you know if it had a recent software update? Have used this console for a couple years now and never had problems except when using beta versions of software. Shame you did not enjoy your time on it more. Must have been a stressfull gig. Atleast it passes audio still though eh.

  3. Please contact your distributor who will be able to put you in contact with a dealer who can advise you of local pricing.
    Richard Ayres
    Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

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