Soundcraft NotePad Mixers Winter NAMM 2010 Demo

Soundcraft’s NotePad mixers offer high-quality components and audio reproduction in a small-format design. Three models are available.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 Review of the SoundCraft SI Compact 24 digital mixer. The Simplicity of an Analog Console with the Sound and Recall of a Digital Mixer! Drawing on the heritage of Soundcraft’s acclaimed Si Series digital mixers, the Si Compact packs powerful digital mixing facilities along with stunning Lexicon effects into a small footprint digital mixer. All this and more without compromising a powerful feature set. The Si Compact 24 digital mixer feature 24 recallable mic pre amps plus 4 stereo returns for a total of 32 inputs to mix; each input is ‘fully equipped’ with compressors, gates, parametric EQ, High Pass Filter and delay. All Si Compact digital mixers have buses and output processing to match the versatility of the inputs, all mix and matrix buses feature a compressor and parametric EQ and graphic EQ always available on every one of the 25 mix buses. To complement the channel processing Si Compact digital mixers offer four Stereo Lexicon FX processors providing a wealth of sounds and user adjustable parameters. Flexible onboard and expansion I/O options ensure the Si Compact digital mixer integrates effortlessly with other system components; along with the 24 mic inputs there are two pairs of stereo analogue line in, AES in and out, 16 analogue line outputs, headphone monitor out and a 64×64 channel expansion card slot capable of utilising any of the Si series option cards that includes AES, AVIOM, CobraNet and MADI. The MADI card, as well as being an

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    The Soundcraft EFX Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft EPM mixer with a built-in 24-bit, digital Lexicon effects processor, expanding the Soundcraft low-cost, multipurpose compact range. The Soundcraft EFX mixer uses the same AudioDNA® processor …
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