Soundcraft Mixers

James shows us the new Soundcraft mixers in stock at Cranbourne Music.

The MFX Series combines all the features of the popular Soundcraft MPM™ mixer with a built-in 24-bit, digital, Lexicon® effects processor, expanding the Soundcraft low-cost, multi-purpose compact range.
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  1. hey how can we send individual track from DAW to an analog mixer to do the mix
    do you know if you do please help and what do i need to make work

  2. I was going to buy a Soundcraft M12, but after all that Falkland problem with Argentina, I doubt buying UK products… Are Soundcraft in favor of British Falkland Islands ?

  3. Hi, thanks for informative video! I’m thinking of purchasing a sound craft mixer for my band, haven’t decided yet between FX16 and the GB216. Just a question: In the FX16, how many different effects can be used at one time the inbuilt lexicon effects? (for example, could I apply a certain reverb to one channel and for example a delay to another channel?). In the GB162, there are no inbuilt effects… how would I hook up an external effects unit…it doesn’t seem to have aux returns?Many thanks!

  4. WashingtonDaniel5020


    Product Description
    Soundcraft MPM 20

    The MPM Series is a range of multipurpose mixers that carry all the hallmarks of Soundcraft’s professional heritage. Intended for a wide range of applications that includes fixed installation, Houses of Worship, Portable PA use and music production, the MPM Series features a …
    For more details please copy the Amazon link above in your browser

  5. You’d make a mix on the AUX bus that includes the audio parts you require, else if the drummer has his own mixer you can ‘y’ split your mic to his mixer and he can add more or less of your vocal as needed.

    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  6. The audio and build quality will be great but that’s not really what the question is about… Our question comes back to you as does it have enough channels, buses and any other critical features that you need.

    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  7. Hi; sounds like you have a PFL or AFL active somewhere… Is the master PFL/AFL light on? What is showing on the meters? What do you hear in the headphones?
    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  8. Hi, I’ve just purchased a an EFX8 mixer. Not even after reading the manual, I could not make the 2 track in input to give me sound in the headphones. The 2 buttons (to track and to mix) seem to have no effect. Is it possible to have a malfunction or what do I have to do?

  9. Hi, simple question. I will be using the 8 channel version of this mixer for gigs. We will be using backing tracks from my macbook, electric drums from the drummer and my vocals. Our drummer needs to monitor my vocals along with his drums separate from the backing track and main mix. How would I send him just the drums and vocals from the desk to his active monitor?

  10. Ok ,thanks very much Richard for your quick reply,I see the DBX Drive Rack systems also incorperate limiting which would be very handy to have. instead of using seperate limiters and eq’s etc.

  11. Hi Nick, no is the straight answer here.. sounds to me like what you need is a system processor that has independent control for room EQ and system(speaker) EQ - these are similar but very different processes that should not be confused. A product like the DBX Drive Rack is something you should look at:

    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  12. Hi Soundcraft, do you manifacture a stereo eq unit that would compliment the mfx8 for fine tuning of frequencies for different venue applications?
    I think a Soundcraft eq would look cool in my flight case with the Soundcraft mfx8.
    Many thanks.

  13. In what respect? Products have many attributes you must consider, audio quality, reliability, image, resale value, brand identity, size, features etc; the list goes on. If quality is the #1 priority borrow one and have a GOOD listen from a variety of sources and mix complexities. As a business consider “Which brand is best for the image & development of my business?” as for features, don’t just count what other have, consider what you need.
    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  14. Hi;
    Not sure I understand your question/requirement…
    The FX processor can not route to the stereo sub group so this output will always be ‘dry’ (no FX). The monitor outputs are at the end of the signal chain so will include whatever FX is mixed to the signal you’re monitoring.
    Please contact me directly at if you would like to discuss further.

    Richard Ayres – Product Manager Soundcraft & Studer

  15. I want to know if I connect another pair of speakers in the monitor or sub output, I can still have or control the effects (on the monitor and sub) from the Lexicon without losing them in the main output?


  16. Hi… The EPM6 does not include an integrated power amplifier and you will require a separate amplifier or powered monitor speakers.

    Richard Ayres

    Product Manager - Soundcraft – Studer

  17. Hello… One silly question..:)
    I have in my hands Soundcraft EPM6… is there a build in amplifier…. can I connect passive monitors straight to EPM6 and sing and play guitar…?

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