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Soundcraft MFXi Mixing Console

Checking out the MFXi mixer by Soundcraft, Been wanting to check this line out for a wile now. Overall I love it, easy to use, tonnes of features, compact and lightweight, and even looks nice, Great for most live sound applications

This is a soundcraft MFX 12 channel mixer brand new just out of the box. Just so you guys know I was having some difficulties with a korg triton keyboard I was receiving too much signal from it since this mixing board does not offer the pad botton I couldn’t control it from the mixer I had to lower the volume on the keyboard it self to half way. is there any body that owns one of these babies, please share your comment with me. THANKS…….!!!!!!

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  1. to fix you spaghetti issue, just get some zip ties of velcro straps and take 4 cables and strap them together and continue with the rest of the board. it makes the board look much neater 🙂

  2. i’ve used a gb8 40 channel for about 6 days now and it is great! Harman will always deliver great products!

  3. I never undersant why they put all these stuff in a room with a small window and you actually CANT hear what exactly is happening out there…

  4. theultimatedestroy80

    well sorry i did a mistake…. i meant 48 not 40v….. i said that if u make wrong conections it will blow the mic…(ive seen it happen)

  5. I don’t mean to sound rude, but you better get your facts straight before giving advice on something you’re not very familiar with.

    The 48V phantom power is necessary to power condenser mics and active DI boxes, otherwise they just won’t work. So I wouldn’t call this a bad thing to mess with, you plug the mic or DI, mute (or even better don’t power the speakers yet), switch phantom on and you’re good to go.Just don’t switch it on and off for no reason

  6. theultimatedestroy80

    lol my father has something similar to this but its smaler….it also has the phantom thing…..bad thing to mess about with the phantom switch cuz it will send 40v to the mics and the mics will say bye byes to u…

  7. 1:36 I always do that before we start a show, and then unmute what we’re actually using. I don’t know why, it makes me feel safer.

  8. Serius Question please! When you push 48V Phantop power button, in which channel we got it? I’m talking about this console.

  9. no but I will get one, cause I had the gain all the way down on the channel and still I was getting the peak red light, the reason why I like to have all the volume from any instrument is because I like to have total control of every single instrument when it comes to volume,
    what I endup doing is lower the volume of the keyboard it self.

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