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  1. An Article on Prosound web written by an engineer named Tim Weaver explains “untethered mixing”

    Using a Mac Mini, a laptop and a wireless router, some interfaces, off the shelf software and a VNC connection to his laptop from his Macmini and he is wirelessly mixing and able to control his DAW from the stage. I am a PC guy myself, but this sounds pretty simple way to help avoid bringing a snake and still having perchannel/input control mixing wirelesly!

  2. Purchased a second analog snake of 100′ (the other is 83′). Gigs on July 10th that might need 200 feet of snake.Looks like an interface into laptop connected to wireless router on the FOH assuming another interface out to another laptop wifi connected to the first one (Ableton) onstage. Simple as streaming music!? Transport and Data link layer issues,latency, errors etc and what protocol they are using, not to mention what front end/GUI? I’ll figure this out before the 10th of July hopefully.

  3. OK. It’s interesting how they do it. What exactly have you find that would make a digital snake? how is the price tag? if it’s reasonable, let me know because I would love to get rid of my heavy snake.

  4. I have actually found another sound company on Youtube that is/was apparently using a couple interfaces, 2 laptops and a pair of wireless routers to stream the music to and from the stage as data with no physical snake at all. So I think this has already been done. That will make it easier to craft an off the shelf solution since I am now pretty sure that it is possible to eliminate the need for a snake altogether using those tools. “Tall cans” productions from California.

  5. What you want is doable, but you’d need 2 encoders; 1 on each side of the snake. I think the beggest challenge is to find and encoder/interface that can do the job. I don’t know of anything out there that can do that, but I’m doing my research. Whirlwind make a digital snake that does the job (Whirlwind DS328T/R). The project can be costly. I’ll let you know if anything. thanks for commenting.

  6. I have been bringing my laptop and Ableton to add digital processing when mixing live. I use an analog mixer. I am looking for ways to exploit the sidechain since there are many pieces of gear that do analog to digital conversions and provide opportunities to utilize sidechain outs. My goal is to find a way to implement my own digital snake using an interface + Cat 5 cable to send the data to the mixer and return it to the FOH. Any ideas on an off the shelf solution? Will this work do you think?

  7. Yes, it does, but there are some limitations. For instance, the sub outs are not independent of the main mix if grouping channels together. The only way they would be independent is if you’re separating, let’s say low frequency instruments like bass and kick, from the main mix, then you can use them independently. Some of the aux sends are pre fader, some are post fader, and one of them is switchable to pre or post. A better option would be the presonus sl16.0.2. watch the video i have on it.thx

  8. Hi Im looking for a 16 channel mixer that has individual outs that are post aux eq etc. Does this do that ?

  9. Yes, you can only use one of the onboard effects at a time.
    Man, if you can afford it, go with a studio live 16.0.2, I just purchase one, and I love it.
    you got all the flexibilities you need, 2 fx, 4 aux, 8 or 12 mono channels, 4 stereo channels. All processing you need is done onboard, so you don’t have to carry a big rig wherever you go. This thing is amazing. Say you don’t have the full $1200 to pay, you can buy it from AMS and pay 5 or 8 easy payments. You’ll love it, believe me.

  10. Also wanted to ask you… on the FX16ii the aux out are 1/4″ jacks… and the main outs are xlr’s… I suppose this means that the mixer is not suitable to use with a snake-stage boxes… since I haven’t seen stage boxed that combine xlr and jacks… thanks again in advance… 🙂

  11. Thanks for reply man! I looked at the GB2 16… you’re probably right that I need this one for my band… shame they didn’t include the onboard effects on it! On the FX16ii… can you only use one effect at the time from the internal effects? nice one…

  12. I just uploaded a video on how to used the onboard effects, please watch it and let me know if that answer your questions.

  13. well, you need to turn the purple nob clockwise on all vocals, then master FX nop up, it’s the purple nob on the far right above the sub faders. And then you need to turn the EFFECTS RETURNS nobs (RIGHT BELOW THE LEXICON MARKING) up and assign them to where you want the FX, main, subs, aux1/aux2. For aux3, the FX is already there, all you have to do is turn the purple nobs. Please let me know if this doesn’t help, I will do a video on it. Thanks for watching.

  14. I am having trouble with this mixer can’t even out fx on the vocals or anything can you help me out?

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