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Global Sound – The Soundcraft EPM6 is user-friendly with an intuitive, simple control surface, yet it provides high end features of a larger, more expensive mixer. Features include 6×2 frame, 6-channel mixer using surface mount technology, 60mm high-quality faders, and close-tolerance components giving accuracy and repeatability. Graham Blyth GB30 mic preamps supply excellent transparency — featuring high-resolution wide gain range adjustment of 55dB, and impressive minimal-distortion+22dB headroom through the console. The 48-volt phantom power accommodates all kinds of condenser microphones. Several channel strips provide signal monitoring and prevent overload with an increasing LED illumination as the signal approaches peak. The Soundcraft EPM6 provides astonishing, professional-performance quality in a number of settings. It works great for small recordings. The silent operation, along with sound quality and build quality, make this mixer perfect for live performances in crowds of varying size. Synchronized headphone and monitor outputs allow performers to listen on phones while an engineer listens, simultaneously. It can be adapted to so many settings. The acoustics of any room will bring out the results of the seamless, organic sound quality. Whether in a studio, home, small club, cathedral-ceiling stadium, or outdoors, the warmth and vibrance this mixer is capable of producing is a sound quality unparalleled by mixers of similar price. If you want something that

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