Sound System Tips For Mobile Disk Jockey’s

Sound System Tips For Mobile Disk Jockey’s

In these hard economic times, especially in Michigan where I am from, you want to make sure you get the best DJ equipment for your money. Learning this craft of being a professional disk jockey takes years of experience. When selecting your first DJ system do not buy the cheep stuff, even if you have to buy your system a piece at a time. When you buy more expensive equipment, it holds it’s value for years and if you change your mind and decide that DJing is not for you, then you will get back almost every penny you paid as long as you took care of your gear!

The first and most important piece in my opinion, is your mixer. Today’s mixers offer a huge amount of incredible features! Some of the best mixers for the price is Pioneer’s DJM 600 ($ 550), and DJM 800 ($ 999). Rane has a new TT57 ($ 1,200) mixer out that hooks up directly to your laptop allowing you to play digital files off your computer thanks to a program called Serato Scratch Live.

Next you have your decks. If your in the Mobile Disk Jockey business, chance are you will prefer CD turntables. I would recommend the Pioneer CDJ 800’s ($ 450). However, if you want to start where all the big name DJ’s began, then you should start with the Technics 1200 turntables ($ 375). Yes, turntables are harder and require more care and maintenance, but you will be able to do things you could never do with a CD player including quick scratches and spin backs.

In addition, you have your DJ speakers. Same with the other DJ equipment, it is not wise to purchase cheap speakers. I have used many different brands and models. I would say that the best speaker for your money is the Electro-Voice Force-i 2-way full range, and the matching Force-i Subwoofer. I also really like Mackie’s SRM 450 Powered Speaker.

I have been a professional Michigan DJ for 5 years. I have used the equipment I have mentioned here for the past couple of years with no problems! There are a lot of DJs In Michigan and the competition is stiff. That is why I like to encourage new DJs that are coming up to spend some of there hard earned money and purchase equipment that will put them above the other DJ’s out there.

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