Slow Background Music Instrumentals – soothing, calming, positive – relaxdaily Essence N°1

Slow Background Music Instrumentals - soothing, calming, positive - relaxdaily Essence N°1

One hour of peaceful, calming and positive music. Slow instrumentals you can use as music to relax, as study music, work music, yoga music, even as sleep music. Try it also for meditation, as soothing anti-stress music, mood music, background music or as spa and massage music. Enjoy! Download…
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

48 thoughts on “Slow Background Music Instrumentals – soothing, calming, positive – relaxdaily Essence N°1”

  1. Come on, aren’t we all?
    I believe everyone has amazing talents.
    I just try to live mine out 😉
    …but, thank you!

  2. I love it! This helped me to get through a lot of homework for focusing, and is helping me focus, to study for my summer camp learning center finals test!

  3. Need to read 300 pages of The Once and Future King before school starts Monday? no problem. Thanks for the music

  4. You’re very welcome. I accidentally thumbs-downed your comment, and I apologize for that. But I’m glad you’re glad! 😀

  5. Strange enough. This video makes a sad day happier :D.
    Studying/reading becomes alot more “simple”. 

  6. This is great! You don’t find relaxing music that has this kind of energy in it very often! This is the kind of music where you can just think, but not get sluggish. Perfect for room cleaning, because It keeps me calm and feeling nice (energetic music increases the aggravation I have towards the mess), and lets me focus on the task at hand.

    Also good for drawing. Thank you!


  7. I’m guessing every time a little thumbs-up appears anywhere here and/or the ‘like’ count grows, then this is the Grammy that relaxdaily is aiming for. Love your work!

  8. Hi!..check out “The Secret Life Of Trees” on you tube…it’s 75 mins of original soundtrack music (very Enya like)…great for massage or just chilling out to..also for meditation and sleep….by LA composer Tracy Bartelle

  9. I think this could be a thousand times more relaxing if it didn’t have a drum beat. Nice start, I hope to hear more from you or have any recommendations of your other work that doesn’t include any drums? 🙂

  10. send me this song to my email ( id like to use it in further videos and maybe in my game!

  11. I agree 100% with you, to many people feel that’s it’s OK when it’s not. They are an equal to men.

  12. Hello would it be ok if I used this track for an upcoming short film I’m working on? All proper credit will be given. Thank you!

  13. you just have to find the good ones man! I know what you mean though, I had a lot of those experiences for as long as i can remember.

  14. People are mind washed by stupid mind numbing shit like Lil Wayne, and Drake. Music is more than that. THIS IS MUSIC. This man is a true genius and deserves fame.

  15. residentevilfreakk55

    dude, it is always the other way around for me, girls always play with my emotions, I can try to be nice but always get shit from them in return, consider yourself lucky pal

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