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Another original background music instrumental for you to relax. Background music with piano and guitar in a modern relaxdaily arrangement. Lean back and enjoy. Thank you for listening, comment how this one makes you feel, Michael (relaxdaily) Have an Android device? Get my little free…

#1 Relaxing Music for Studying JAZZ INSTRUMENTAL PIANO Best Smooth Playlist Slow Songs to study to on the beach or sleep, sleeping fall asleep. WELCOME to HAWAII on HD HAWAII BEACHES-1 DVD and Blu-ray shot in 1080p presented in 720p. This is the NATURE SOUNDS track choice from the bonus…

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44 thoughts on “Slow Background Music Instrumental – piano & guitar – relaxdaily N°040 – Global Sound”

  1. Hey Maria, I play everything you can hear in this tune myself. But the keyboard and the guitar are my main instruments. The keyboard gives me the freedom to create a large variety of sounds, while the guitar ads a nice flavor, when I think it fits. Honestly, I’m not a good instrumentalist, but I have endurance. I sit, play and record an idea, until it sounds how I like it 😉

  2. Maria Carolina Tanpua

    From the waterfall picture to the sound of the strumming guitar and piano gosh! Its so beautiful. And I can hear a chirp like sound of birds in the background which gave life to the whole picture. Are you playing the guitar or the piano?

  3. ohh okaayx thanks x i’m gonna but it on youtube anyway but i’m not that good a singer but if you like you can go look at my channel x :3 x the song is about my grandad who unfortunately passed away 🙁 x

  4. I’m glad, that my music inspires you to create something new. Feel free to make a song out of it. …Technically, you don’t need to ask, if it’s solely for private use. …but thanks for reaching out 😉 You might send me the (recorded) result, if you like 😉

  5. can i use this … I’ve just had an idea to make up a song x i don’t perform them x just to myself x

  6. So far, I don’t have any “true” names for my tracks. I just give them project numbers (e.g. relaxdaily N°040) and some describing words (e.g. slow background music).

  7. This is a mix from Royalty Free Music that I licensed for the DVD. I give all credits in the descriptions of our videos. Our other piano tracks from James Onohan are just as amazing as these tracks. I found James on youtube here with his popular performance videos.

  8. I am a doctor….I listen to this music study, pray, and think of the welfare of my patients….thank u so much…

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  10. STUDY on the BEACH Virtually. 😎 Relaxing ocean sounds for studying and a restful sleep. SUB for more.

  11. Sorry no. This is from a royalty free music CD that I licensed. Not bad, eh for elevator music. 😉

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