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Pretty Little Liars - Single Fright Female artwork

Single Fright Female

Pretty Little Liars, Season 3

Pretty Little Liars

Genre: Drama

Price: $ 2.99

Release Date: August 21, 2012

Emily's relationship with Paige (recurring guest star LINDSEY SHAW) has been anything but easy, but she finally feels like things are now going in the right direction. So when Spencer comes to her with a sordid tale about Paige's history with Alison, Emily is not ready to heed her friend's warnings. Now that Spencer knows Paige's violent past, however, and this new information she's learned about a blood feud between Alison and Paige right before Alison disappeared, Spencer can't stand by to let one of her best friends get close to a potential enemy. Will Spencer cross a line in her attempt to prove to Emily what kind of a person Paige really is? Meanwhile, Aria feels she has to help Ezra move on from his past if their relationship is to move forward, but what she finds may be more than she expected.

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