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Global Sound – AGIPRODJ.COM is an authorized SHURE dealer. Be on the lookout for our new website coming soon with our full product catalog. Meanwhile, please email or call us 866-PRO-MIXX if you are looking to purchase a new wireless system. The SHURE UR4D UHF-R wireless system operates in the UHF range that’s authorized by the FCC. a LOT of people dont know about the frequency changes made by the FCC. It’s good to make sure that your microphones are compliant. Those of you still using VHF mics – you are taking a chance on all kinds of potential interference problems from digital phones and cable. *UHF-R incorporates automatic frequency selection, transmitter sync and smart menu-driven system functionality for intuitive and fast setup. *Up to 2400 selectable frequencies across an ultra-wide 60 MHz bandwidth provide superior capability to respond to changing or unpredictable RF conditions. * UHF-R Wireless features Shure patented Audio Reference Companding for crystal-clear sound beyond the limits of conventional wireless technology. *UHF-R is available with the premium KSM9 Dual-Diaphragm Wireless Transmitter. *NEW UR1M Micro-Bodypack Transmitter is also available with UHF-R. *Get the latest version of the Wireless Workbench software. From Shure Premier Wireless Technology. Shure UHF-R® Wireless Microphone Systems master the high pressure and extreme conditions of any large-scale touring or installations environment while delivering uncompromising

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  1. One thing to mention that is nice to have is the shure UHF distribution systems when using more than one receiver so that all receivers can run off of just two antennas rather than using the short and half wave whip antennas. These systems are amazing and when you have multiple bands and wireless workbench at your finger tips there is not a room you cant work in.

  2. Glad you liked the review. Sorry for the delay getting back to you. What’s cool about these systems (yet also confusing at the same time) is it’s available in pretty much every configuration imaginable. You can purchase just the receivers, just the transmitters, or a combination of both. Single and Dual are available. Even a number of handheld mic capsule choices are available. Best thing to do is figure out what you need as a musician and work backwards. Contact us!

  3. Heiya.. as you said this is realy high-end device. I am big fan of metallica, they use this wireless sistem. I wanna have wireless guitar, and amp. If i buy this, what do i need to buy more to have wireless?

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