Shure SM7 Dynamic Vocal Mic

Shure SM7 Dynamic Vocal Mic

The Shure SM7 Dynamic Vocal Mic is considered by many to be the best microphone ever made.

Some people looking for that perfect affordable mic, go through several in the price range of about one hundred dollars, before they find one that they actually like. Many of those people end up springing for the Shure SM7, and they would have saved themselves not only lots of time, that could have been used for something better, like recording, but also a good chunk of money, if they had just bought the SM7 mic to begin with.

When the people at Shure made this masterpiece of a microphone, the beloved Shure SM7 model, they not only produced a winner in terms of stellar vocal recording and live vocal performance, but also excellent broadcasting and announcing quality.

For the money, the Shure SM7 is one of those rare steals, that you don’t often encounter. Price aside, this dynamic microphone can hold it’s own when competing against the big name heavyweight mics, which are high above its price range.

Besides recording artists, DJs have also raved about the perfection produced by the SM7, when used for on the air broadcast. This microphone is also excellent for the Voice Over aspect of any post production audio or video work.

The Shure SM7 has a built-in anti-pop features, to filter out pop sounds. This aspect should not be overlooked, especially to the novice performer, voice talent, or recording artist, because an external pop filter can sometimes feel awkward in the way, if the performer isn’t used to it. Fortunately, that’s all prevented an a non issue with this Shure microphone.

Another great thing about using the Shure SM7 dynamic microphone, is that it does a great job of excluding unwanted background noise, which is no doubt a tremendous benefit for anyone recording in a home studio, or doing home recordings of any sort.

Whether simply speaking, or singing, the voice is enhanced with richness and depth, when using the Shure SM7.

The industry respected magazine, Mix Magazine, stated that the Shure SM-7 microphone, outperforms the popular and more expensive tube mics.

The Shure SM7 dynamic mic, is used by legendary recording artists such as Michael Jackson, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, and even Metallica.

The cast of the Howard Stern Show, was given their choice or microphones, with money not being an issue, and co-host Robin Quivers, has opted to use the Shure SM7 mic, for the past several years, and to this day, she has not a found a microphone that she’d rather use.

Besides it’s exceptional performance, this mic shines in other areas, such as looks, and it’s been described as both cool looking and aesthetically pleasing. Another feature not to be overlooked, is the durability of this mic, it’s made tough and built to last, thus cartridge damage is not likely to occur even if the mic is dropped.

Other features include Cardiod Polar Patterns, Dynamic Transducer Element, A Presence Boost Switch, a High Frequency of 20,000 Hz, a Low Frequency of 50 Hz, and a Low Cut switch at 100 Hz.

Ask pretty much anyone who’s tried this Shure microphone, regardless of what other mics they’ve tried, and they’ll tell you it’s their favorite mic. Of course there are those who are blinded by the price, and fall for the mics in the five figure price range, most likely because they think the fact that it costs more, means that it’s better, when in reality, most higher priced mics are overpriced and often inferior to the Shure SM7.

The Shure SM7 is an excellent choice for home recording as well as studio production. Professionals have said that audio recorded with this mic, is very to easy properly mix, making post production a breeze.

For more information about microphones, or this Shure dynamic mic, please visit the following site: Shure SM7.

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