Shure SM58 – the world’s toughest microphone?

Does the Shure SM58 live up to its rumour as the world’s toughest mic? We wanted to find out and put it through a series of ordeals. Download all the audio files from: More info about the back ground music is available at:
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

29 thoughts on “Shure SM58 – the world’s toughest microphone?”

  1. OK the sure can not pass the mold test sample try it in a mold room area no fresh air for one year and the way you will know it is not working

  2. look inside if you see the soft tissue molded it will look green i got this from spraying air cleaners and i locked up my studio mic room for one year yes mold can kill the sure your spit can also kill your mic if you don’t clean it.

  3. so i have to replace my sure sm58 funny it does not sound the same the new sure sm58 is smaller why the change look up that fact plus the highs are not the same. i miss my old moldy sm57 larger frame lucky i did not toss my old sm57 frame it sound better with the old larger frame

  4. Love these mics own bout 20.

    One particular night tearing down during a horrible rainstorm threw a 58 into a cable bin and forgot bout the bin. The bin filled w water and bout a week later discovered the mic in the bottom of the bin filled with water. Got mad and threw the mic really hard across stage hooked it up still worked fine. All need to do is replace windscreen.

  5. Сергей Мисюрев

    У меня возник единственный вопрос: нахуя ?
    Да и нахуя пивом то если в воде уже побывало?
    И да, пиво жалко Т_Т

  6. give the mic to my brother, he will have it in non working conditions in an hr .. this guys breaks everything..

  7. Great comparison video – thanks for posting it. Going to be recording my entry for the Drum Mastery under 20’s soon – would be sweet to win a set of these great mics!

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