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Review of the Shure SM58. Comparison with two other microphones.

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20 thoughts on “Shure SM58 – Global Sound”

  1. An American with an English Rugby Jersey?!?! WTF!!! The strangest thing I’ve seen on youtube in a while…. hahaha 😀

  2. If the SM58 is better suited for live performance, what would be a good recommendation for a recording microphone? My friend and I have recently started recording covers onto our channel using a GXL 2200. It’s great for the acoustic instruments, but it doesn’t seem to do any justice for vocals. Anyone have any recommendations for a decent vocal mic under $200?


    -Allie & Ashley

  3. Hi”) I would ask you about the differences between Shure SM58 and Beta58, what can you tell about it? (except the cost and strength)

  4. The SHURE SM58… this video talks about it, and how it is a “standard”… no need to ask again if you watched the video r_r
    btw… I have it and i’ve used it Live and Record with it, those 109 dollars are worth for the incredible quality ;D

    So its the perfect choice, and thats my recommendation 🙂

  5. Does anyone know a good mic under £100 or $165 that is good to record with and use live 🙂 ?

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