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FACEBOOK: YOUTUBE: MYSPACE: ének/vocals: Alessza gitár/guitar: Palchuber Gábor We are testing the Shure SM 7B and the AKG C 214 microphones.

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15 thoughts on “Shure SM 7B vs. AKG C 214 microphone test (by studio-iNside) / FULL HD – Global Sound”

  1. welli think the c214 was better the sm sounded kinda muted the c214 sounded clearer more brighter but still strong bass and defined great review

  2. sm7 sounds thicker and smoother. the akg would be harder to mix and eq for me. i dont like what the highs are doing on the akg

  3. Valós teszt a specifikus dinamikus és kondenzátor mikrofon tulajdonságairól. Mindenképp az SM 7B-vel egy jazz-es hangzásra lehet inkább utazni, és nagy előnye, hogy “deessing”-et nemigen kell alkalmazni. AKC C214el eq nélkül is tisztán hallhatjuk a 15 khz feletti “crisp” tartományt. Persze dinamikussal is lehetséges, de inkább a sokkal lágyabb és audiophile zenékhez alkalmaznám egy természetes, kezelt akusztikájú helyiségben vokál felvételre vagy másodlagos mikrofonként hangszerhez.

  4. i liked the akg a lot more here. would be curious to here the shure with some eq, though !

  5. here what i think. the c214 seems to obviously more responsive with a wider range which would obviously make it better for dynamic female singer or someone who sings in a higher register. the sm7b would be perfect for male singers cause it seems to have to bass boost. I want to get both cause they both sound amazing.

  6. I use Sm7B all the time. It’s not the sound but I find singers are more relaxed when they can take a hold of the mic if they want to, or even sing with the mic in the hand.

  7. totally prefer the sm7b,sounds more full , the akg was still “good” and harsh to my ears and not sitting well in the mix

  8. The C214 is definitely sounding better for this song and for the vocalist. But it is brighter and more sibilant than the SM7B.

  9. I’m a very load singer as my background is opera…LOL! However, I sing a lot of ballad type music…maybe that is the problem. Thank you again for your valuable advice… 🙂

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