Shure SE215 Ranked the Best Earphones Under $120 by Earphone Solutions – Global Sound

Global Sound – Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) November 18, 2011

First High-End In Ear headphones with replaceable cables under $ 100!

The SE215 earphones are the newest addition to the new generation of the prestigious Shure in-ear headphone family, and feature a removable cable once found only in the $ 200+ models.

We tested them and they sound absolutely fantastic. The dynamic drivers move a ton of air and deliver an unmatched fun and musical sound.

In our Best Ear Buds $ 61-$ 120 range, we got 4 females and 8 males (made up of employees, friends and family members) to vote on each price range for the earphones that sounded and fitted the best. We limited the test to 7 songs with the result that Shure SE215 was chosen as best phone in the price range over Swedish-designed t-JAYS 3 (second place with great comfort and refined sound) and Swiss designed Audeo PFE012 by Phonak, which came in a close third place.

Shure headphones and earphones have long been one of the most trusted names in the audio world, with over 85 years of innovation, legendary performance and numerous awards to prove it.

Sean Sullivan, Shure Product Manager, told Earphone Solutions that the SE215 drivers were the best dynamic drivers ever tested by Shure and were smaller than the drivers of the SE115. Their objective was to fit the best dynamic driver available in the new form of the SE earphones allowing for the same comfort and fit and at the same time be able to continue to use the same nozzle size so that the PA910 (black olives) could be used with the new SE215.

Sean said: “I am absolutely excited about the SE215. We really wanted a solid winner at the $ 99 price point. We set out to make something that outperformed the products up to $ 150, and offer better features for the money to the end users that were looking at less expensive offerings. I think we did that.

The SE215 is truly designed to be a professional quality product that can stand up to the same standards as our most expensive offerings.

Our focus was on comfort, build quality, and sound performance of course. The SE215 driver is the best sounding miniature dynamic weve ever heard. The durability is high, and the size allows for the earphone to have the desired ergonomics.

I hope that this product will be a great success for the earphone world.”

Some comments from user reviews on Earphone Solutions:

For the price the Shure 215’s are impossible to beat and they sound great with everything I play and detachable cables to boot!!!! Two thumbs way up!!!!

I wear these while I run. The skeletal narrative they are terrific.

The Shure’s sound great. It provides a good Bass, clean Mid and High tones. They are also comfortable for extended use. I have not used them on a plane, but hopefully they will pass the outside sound blocking test. Great buy for under $ 100.

I bought these earphones for my husband for his birthday. He is thrilled with them for air travel. They cut out all extraneous sound and are very comfortable to wear. Lightweight, comfortable, block sound, great for travel

Aside from the 2-year warranty provided by Shure (when you have an invoice from Earphone Solutions) you can now have the same technology and high-quality snapping detachable cables seen in more expensive earphones on a sub-$ 100 pair of SE215. Or you can replace the cable with the iPhone 4S cable – which includes Apple’s 3-button control and microphone.

With its comfort and flush fit, it’s also great if you have an active lifestyle. Wear them while you’re running, or wear them under a helmet. You can even sleep with them as they don’t protrude. And for long flights and noisy transport systems, the Shure SE215 can provide sound isolation of up to 44db in some frequency ranges, compared with 26db on Bose noise canceling full-size headphones.

The new SE215 earphones feature dynamic micro drivers and formable cables that fit snugly behind the back of the ear. We love them! They sound, feel and fit like $ 200!

For more information, you can read the full Shure SE215 review.