Shure PGX24 Wireless Microphone System Reviewed

Shure PGX24 Wireless Microphone System Reviewed


The Shure PGX24 wireless microphone system incorporates innovative Shure microphone technology with extraordinary wireless features. It is capable of delivering impressive crystal- clear sound with unmatched durability and performance. The system includes a PGX2 transmitter and a PGX4 diversity receiver. With

The different interchangeable choices available under PGX2 systems include PG58, SM58, BETA 58A and the award-winning SM86. The cartridge of the PG58 microphone has a simple but rugged coil that can tolerate extreme levels of volume without causing any distortion. Its cartridge also has a neodymium magnet that generates high output. The SM86 vocal microphone has a unidirectional condenser and a 2-stage pop filter.


These wireless microphones are strong and durable. All of them have a strong mesh ball grille made of hardened steel and are resistant to all kinds of wear and abuse. The PGX2 featured microphones observe a uniform super cardioid pick-up pattern in its frequency range and hence ensure maximum isolation from unsought sound sources.

The Shure PGX2 range of handheld transmitters is designed to meet industry standards and is capable of rendering studio quality sound at live performances. The PGX2 systems come with 2 AA batteries and can operate for 8 hours continuously. The PGX4 diversity receiver allows you to choose from 90 selectable frequencies across an 18 MHz bandwidth. The PGX24 is the ideal choice for travelling performers.

Facts about Shure PGX24 wireless:

The PGX2 systems of wireless microphones have Automatic Transmitter Setup. The PGX2 systems have a built-in pneumatic shock-mount system that reduces handling noise. A 2-stage pop filter in SM86 reduces breath and wind pop noise considerably. The PGX4 diversity receiver possesses unmatched technology in terms of Automatic Frequency Selection and Automatic Transmitter Setup. Shure’s patent on Audio Reference Companding is a breakthrough in wireless technology.

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