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Global Sound – Click link to get a killer brand new Blues lesson not on YouTube and a Blues scales and lead guitar Ebook, all for free from www.nextlevelguitar…. Shure Microphone review sennheiser cascade condenser ribbon Shure Microphone review sennheiser cascade condenser ribbon
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  1. Even though I know you’ve probably got stuff by now, but I just felt like throwing my input on this, seeing how I’m in a hatemosh/deathstep band myself. When you’re going for recording gear never go the cheap route. I did and ended up burning up 320 bucks on something that was terrible. Go for a Firewire 8 in/out audio interface, a good DAW, mic’s, well, I’m using a 160 set of CAD mic’s for drums, direct in for guitars/bass, and a Shure SM7 and then random condensers for vocals.

  2. can u help me… i have delema… im a singer and im planing to buy my own microphone… but i dont know wat is the best for my vocal power… can plsss anyone suggest… thanks

  3. XzaccYXguitarXplayer

    Can somone please help me? Ok im 15, me andd my band are a metal/screamo band, and were not sure what kinda mics or mixers we need to record studio quality songs, If somone could tell me what i need to get started at somthing affordable id surely be greatful

  4. Nice review.. I was hesitating between a dynamic mic and a condenser mic and now it’s clear that I want a condenser mic 😀

  5. I heard that NAMM security cops are the most highly regarded experts on microphones in the world!

  6. It actually is called a stereo bar. ORTF is a recording technique. the specific mics he’s showing are a stereo pair of cascade fat head ribbon microphones, they’re sold with the stereo bar to do stereo pair or bluemlein recordings.Even though ORTF is still a stereo pair technique I don’t think ribbons would work well with the ORTF set up, but then again there aren’t really any set rules for recording. so I guess you can do what you do.

  7. you are great ! One of the best,simple and straight forward videos on recording on youtube.
    thanks !

  8. how would i make or get or set up those mics u have for the drums? i neeeeeeed them and a good cheep mic for vocals too but screaming and singing:|

  9. If your talking about the Sennheiser, i use it for guitar cabs, although it’s a perfect mic for toms and pretty nice for horns. It’s certainly a great mic all around. If you are talking about the RODE mic, then again i really like it, i use it for voice (make sure u have a good pop filter) and acoustic guitar, also a very versatile mic

  10. This is soooo helpful. I’d like to know what is recommended for capturing saxophone? I have a Sterling Audio ST-51 condenser and it’s really great, a big step up for me as I am also a vocalist, I have been using it for my saxophones but maybe the Shure SM57 is more appropriate???

  11. You have such a great way of explaining things in ways that us Ignoramus’s can understand. THANK YOU!

  12. i was wondering what microphones i should use if i were to mic a drum kit for home recording through an mbox pro 2. i want to but mainly mxl microphones because i can get the best deals on that brand through some “connections.”

  13. He says that ribbon mics get the high end sound of a condenser without the room noise, but ribbon mics pick up LOTS of room noise, primarily due to their figure-eight pickup pattern.

    Having said that, they are my favorite type of microphone.

  14. I have the Sennheiser e609. It is not audiophile sound, but I like it on guitar. It picks up a lot of room if you compare to SM57.

    I also have the Rode NT-1A and it was fantasic when doing vocals on a female friend of mine (15 y o), but not so great on my own male medium masculin voice (25 y o). Their is something in the characteristics that just is not suited for my voice. I have compared with AKG Vienna and Hamburg and even though they are not as clear, I liked their character more.

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