Shure Beta 87A Performance Mic Review – Is The Shure Beta 87A The Best Instrument For You?

Shure Beta 87A Performance Mic Review – Is The Shure Beta 87A The Best Instrument For You?

The Shure Beta 87A is made by the Shure company especially for vocal recordings. According to Shure, it is a condenser microphone that provides smooth frequency response and high SPL or sound pressure level capability. To help you decide whether or not the Shure Beta 87A is the microphone for you, you’ll want to take into consideration the following factors.

This microphone is easy to use. Anyone who is performing on stage such as an emcee, singer, or other performer will benefit from this microphone due to its light weight and portability. It is also a wireless type of microphone which enables you to walk around the stage comfortably without tripping and getting tangled to a wire.

It doesn’t capture the sounds in the background. For the most part, this particular microphone is utilized by singers who are being accompanied by a background orchestra or other musical instruments. You don’t have to worry about having shrill feedbacks because of the other sound sources because it has a tight area of sound pick-up.

The wide range of frequency produces vivid and high quality vocals. Other types of microphones often cause the voice to sound muted but with the Shure Beta 87A, your vocals will sound bright and rich whether narrating or singing.

However, the tight area of sound pick-up of the microphone has its downsides as well. If a person talks loudly or sings a high note into the Shure Beta 87A microphone, it will be amplified, which will make it sound less natural than it should. Instead of a vocalist singing a wonderfully high note, she may sound like she is emitting an unpleasant screech. If you want to keep this from happening, you should just move the microphone a little bit away from the mouth.

A second negative to this model is that if lower notes or lower voices are spoken into the microphone, the words will not be clear. This can be remedied by positioning the microphone closer to the person’s mouth.

This model is not meant to be used to professionally record a song. However, Shure Beta 87A is an excellent choice to go for when performing or hosting on stage. Indeed, we have listed this microphone as the best performing microphone available for this approximate price.

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