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Russian Synchronized Swimmers Win Gold With Seventies-Horror-Movie
The unexpected, unbridled delight a fan of the genre might get upon recognizing the insanely terrifying score from Dario Argento's 1977 horror film Suspiria as the background music for a Russian synchronized swimming duet. Honestly, everything about …
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Harold Shedd's red-carpet day: Tribute to acclaimed country music producer
“I guess that the production part of it started in the early ad days on radio, the jingles and the music and the background things.” The challenge at the station was to create ads with a polished sound, “but on a much lesser budget; trying to sound …
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VIDEO: School Auditorium is Dedicated to Former Music Director
Hersee died in 2011 but was ever-present at the event in many ways: His favorite songs were sung and he even provided the background music for one medley (via a 1966 recording that was saved by a former student). In addition, the piano he played for 37 …