Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX and MBX Files Effectively

Repair Corrupt Outlook Express DBX and MBX Files Effectively

Being the host for various new age communication mediums, Internet has truly revolutionized the way we communicated. Even though telephonic conversation holds its rightful place, communication with web based chat and email has seen an exponential rise in the recent decade. From business letters to business proposals and customer complaints, it would not be wrong to state that no official communication is deemed complete without the use of email as the preferred medium for communication. Because of the increased importance of emails, it becomes necessary to safeguard your emails from threats like accidental erase, data loss and mailbox corruptions.

Outlook Express is an email client that is used by users all around the world to send and receive emails from their Microsoft windows based computers. An application that comes bundled with various advanced features for effective sending and receiving of emails, this sophisticated software is a godsend for users who need to be in touch with their business and clients through email. One of the best uses of this software is its ability to store emails so that they can be viewed anytime later by the user. These emails (along with attachments) are stored in files called DBX or MBX files. Also called mailbox folder files, these files are used by the software to store an archive of emails received by a user. Sometimes, due to power cuts, viruses or due to other causes, the DBX or MBX file gets corrupted and this results in the inability of a user to view his emails. By using an Outlook Express repair utility, users can easily repair all their DBX and MBX files.

With increased support for Microsoft Outlook Express 4 for MBX files and Outlook Express 5/6 for DBX files, Advanced Outlook Express Repair is an advanced tool that is guaranteed to work with any version of Outlook Express email client. Many users export their emails in the form of DBX files and transfer them on storage media like CDs, DVDs and Zip drives only to find that their files have been corrupted in the process. Advanced Outlook Express Repair enables its users to repair corrupt files from within removable storage media as well.

If you happen to have more than one corrupted or faulty DBX/MBX file, you can easily repair them in a single go with the use of batch repair facility available in Advanced Outlook Express Repair. Added facilities like support for repair of DBX files up to 4Gb, advanced integration with Microsoft windows operating system and drag-and-drop facility to repair corrupt DBX/MBX files is something that proves the worth of this amazing tool.

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