260 Drive Rack

Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Control System ®
The DriveRack® 260 was designed to provide state-of-the-art signal processing, while maintaining
a simple and intuitive control interface. This goal has been realized. From the powerful
DSP modules to the multiple control surfaces, the 260 provides all the processing and
control necessary for both installation and live use. Additionally, the Wizard function enables
any user to quickly set up and use the 260 to its full potential by streamlining the setup process
and providing a menu based setup procedure that includes system setup and configuration,
Auto-EQ, and Advanced Feedback Suppression™ (AFS™) setup.
The DriveRack® 260 is based on the same unparalleled design philosophy as the other products
in the DriveRack® family, namely, to provide “Everything you need between the mixer
and the power amps”. In keeping with that philosophy, the 260 offers two inputs and six outputs
on XLR connectors. Each input channel provides a choice of EQ, either a 9-band
Parametric or a 28-band Graphic EQ. Each input channel also boasts two selectable insert
processors with a selection of Notch Filtering, classic dbx® Compression, Auto Gain Control,
Sub-Harmonic Synthesis, or our own patent-pending Advanced Feedback Suppression™
(AFS™). The DriveRack® 260 also offers a configurable Delay with 2.7 seconds of total delay
time. The 260 provides full Bandpass and Crossover filtering and routing including Bessel,
Butterworth and Linkwitz-Riley topologies. There is Parametric EQ available on each output
as well as dbx® PeakStopPlus™ Limiting. The 260 provides a full-time RTA for live sound
applications, while contractors will appreciate its control inputs for wall-panel logic and volume
control. For more information please visit www.driverack.com or www.dbxpro.com.

• Feedback Elimination
• 2.7 Seconds of Delay
• RS-232 PC GUI control
• Classic dbx® Compression and Limiting
• Graphic and Parametric EQ
• Auto-EQ Function
• Full Bandpass, Crossover, and Routing Configurations
• Auto Gain Control
• Pink Noise Generator and RTA
• Setup Wizard with JBL® Speaker and Crown® Power Amplifier Tunings
• Security Lockout
• Wall Panel Control Inputs
• IEC, UL and CSA Approvals 8760 S. Sandy Pkwy. Sandy, Utah 84070
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18-0152 -A 9/02 ® DriveRack 260 Complete Equalization & Loudspeaker Control System
(2) Line inputs. (1) RTA Mic input
(2) Female XLR line inputs. XLR RTA Mic input
Electronically balanced/RF filtered
> 40k .
+34dBu with input jumpers in +30 position
> 45dB
< -110dBu, 22Hz-22kHz, 150.
Male XLR
Electronically balanced, RF filtered
120 ohms
A/D Performance:
Type: dbx Type IV conversion system
Dynamic Range line: >114 dB A-weighted, >112 dB unweighted
Type IV dynamic range: >119 dB,A-weighted, 22kHz BW
>117 dB,A-weighted, 22kHz BW
Sample Rate: 48kHz
D/A Performance:
Dynamic Range: 112 dB A-weighted, 110dB unweighted
System Performance:
Dynamic Range: >110 dB unweighted, >107dB weighted,
THD+N: 0.002% typical at +4dBu, 1kHz, 0dB input gain
Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20kHz, +/- 0.5dB
Interchannel Crosstalk: >110dB, 120dB typical
Crosstalk input to output: >100dB
Safety Agency Approvals:
UL 6500, IEC 60065, EN 55013, E 60065
dbx engineers are constantly working to improve the quality of our products. Specifications are, therefore subject to change without notice.
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