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This is a review of the 2011 Challenger. I accidentally said Charger, but I meant Challenger. If I was in Florida, I might want a convertible.. The ford Mustang GT is fun, but is very tail happy because of the amount of toque but has a nice sound like it wants to eat something. It is like a bull in a china shop and could wrap itself around a tree easy. The Camaro, is a little more reigned and balanced. The SS is more like a leopard and wants a place to stretch its legs, but is still fun and goes quick. To me the Camaro feels better balanced. I don’t think the Challenger comes in a convertible. I was not as impressed with the Challenger as it felt like a big car and the version I had was not the SRT model so it was slower and leaned more. The Dodge charger seems better balanced than the Challenger but it has almost as good a look and the same engine choices. I would say it is worth trying all of them once.
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Video Rating: 5 / 5

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  1. I rented one of these for a long trip. It had the 6 cylinder in it and when you put your foot to the floor it put you in the back seat. It had great mileage as well which is why I will soon be purchasing one. The only con is trying to use the back mirror as the back window is so small it’s hard to see.

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  6. By the way,,, I own a 85 camaro with a 400 stroker v8, 78 Chrysler Newport with a 440 v8 that I rebuilt, 76 Chrysler new yorker with a 440 v8, 65 Buick riviera 454 v8, a 74 dodge power wagon with a 360 v8, a 85 dodge ram 150 with a 318 v8. I have a 360 and a 318 v8 in my front yard. I even have an old AM General with a Detroit Diesel 8v92 736CI 2 stroke. I have owned 77 fury 360 police special, 72 newport with a bored-out 400, Cadillac fleetwood 454. I think I know v8s..

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    I never said I didn’t like the v6 challenger. I said I would rather have a v8 version. Then it would be a better compare to the v8 cameo and v8 mustang I tested. I never abuse these cars. doing a 0-to-60 is not abuse. These are my opinions which I am free to stat no matter what you think! If you don’t like, don’t watch, moron!

  8. Plenipotentiarious

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    You would say all these things about a Rolls or an Aston too. If you sat in a V8, your ass would go into cardiac arrest.
    Even a V6 Challenger is a perfect car. If you want to see the engine, you CAN take the dust cover off… holy fuck… it pops off easily for morons, don’t worry.
    And you’re the reason I don’t buy used cars. You drive rentals like shit. That makes me shudder.

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