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Crown XLS 402 amplifier start up

This is Professional apmlifier from Crown XLS series. Cooling system is very good. Two big Fans
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10 thoughts on “QSC, Crown Power Amp Rack – Global Sound”

  1. I have this amp 402D pushing my cerwin vega VE-15 and i love the sound… I just ordered CV – 215 and i wonder if this amp can pandle both speakers…. Since the impedance will drop… Pushing out more power…

  2. I have a Behringer EQ hooked up to it now and I was wondering if I could hook a couple of mics up to it for recording vocals. I’ve tried it on my own and its recording, but with a hissing sound. Do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong? I’m generally pretty good with this type of thing

  3. I have this amp too. Do you know a lot about this type of equipment? If u do, i got a question for you

  4. This amp powers my guitar rig…absolutely fantastic unit. Tons of clean headroom and very transparent sound! If interested, check out my video “Digitech RP500 and Rig Explanation” or some of my vids playing through it. I would recommend Crown amps for any professional purpose, from PAs to home audio to guitar/bass amplifier solutions.

  5. My 402 does not work, I turn it on, but stays with the yellow LED on, and
    a few seconds latter it shuts down by it self, its in protect mode I think.
    = S inside there are two resistors near the transformer incredibely hot
    to touch them = X Dont know what more can i do to it =x

  6. Vacuum cleaner? No! This sound is very nice. I love sound of amp fans. Those crowns are making it continously after playing loud for a long time. If you cancel the fans you will turn it into a shity weak home amplifier not a real and powerful crown.

  7. Nooo, I use this big amp with little 30w Radiotehnika speakers and I dont hear Fans. Onother possibility is cancel fans, but if you use medium size speakers. If you use big speakers(about 300w rms at 8ohm) than I think need fans.

    I hope that my ccommentary helps you 😉

  8. hey man ..nice amp 😉 thinking about getting one too ..do you think the fans are too loud for home use ?

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