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playin on the test bench with a pair of amps, a mixer and some old bonyard subs, speakers and even an OLD ASS BONEYARD Bandpass box i built in the 90’s. Its not that pretty but i have gotten better since then but regardless, i wanted to dust it off and toss a big ass sub in it to see how it would do. The PORT TEST WITH THE TERMLAB MIC doesnt mean anything, i know! I just wanted to see what kinda number i could do with it like that. A 161.9 really isnt too bad considering this bandpass box is so NOT the right box for that BTL sub. It was made for an old old OLD RF “z” series (or something similar ie the lowest line of RF)…..anyway, wer are just havin a little fun hookin stuff up at the shop…..check out the end where i show a little bit of the HiQnet interface. These amps plug into my computer via USB and from there i can control just about every setting there is…..its really nice! to bad i dont know how to use it yet LOL. I will learn, its not that hard!
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  1. Just Imagine, Putting your whole body into that port and just sitting….Thats how loud Steve’s truck is at headrest or etc. And that’s not to mention the fact that his bass is Probly louder…. though hes tuned lower so no BS about that… but dam ya. that’s Fucking loud Steve! sweet. I really like that box to. looks loud at tuned to 51hz or so ! lol.

  2. Heres a question for Steve or anyone who knows about car audio, would you recommend a bandpass? i only have 2 alpine type r 10 inch subwoofers and i found a good bandpass box that meets the recommended enclosure on the birth sheet of this subs, but i never gotten the chance to try a bandpass out or anything like that… please let me know, thanks!

  3. smd Hello I’m from Brazil and would make a band pass box like that!
    how do I calculate the litragem that box? you do projects band pass boxes?

  4. i mean the song at 1.34 ….can you told me what was the title for the song? really appreciated it….Thanks

  5. dude like i said crown has nothing to do wit car!!! audio haha they plug into ac(alternating current) while car audio uses dc( direct current) haha maybe uve heard of it depending on what grade ur in hahahaha!

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